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Wicked Wednesday: Celebrating Birthdays

Edith/Maddie here, bringing you a month of group posts about celebrating. Because really, who doesn’t like a good celebration? Humans tend to celebrate all kinds of milestones and holidays. Birthdays, graduations, family events like Thanksgiving, meeting a personal fitness goal. For authors, we get to add book-related cool stuff like a book release, seeing a book in print for the first time, meeting a deadline, and blogging together. Maybe even making a bestseller list.

Yesterday was my birthday, and as a good Scorpio, I’m not ashamed to tell you that. One of the best gifts I got was seeing our fabulous dynamic young mayor, Kassandra Gove, re-elected for two more years! Yes, I did my share of sign holding and campaigning.

Two months after she was elected for the first time, COVID hit and Mayor Gove rose to the challenge brilliantly. She totally deserved a second term, and I’m delighted she got it. (Whoever made this poster totally got her – it looks just like the mayor!)

Mayor Gove in tan jacket, black pants, and sensible footwear yesterday afternoon, with only a few of her many sign holders.

Otherwise, Hugh got me chocolates and flowers and gourmet takeout dinner (with cake), and my sons each called, which is all I need to make me happy.

Wickeds, how do you like to celebrate your birthday? Do you have an annual ritual connected to your birthday? How did you celebrate as a child?

Barb: Happy belated birthday, Edith! My birthday is January 6th. My mother threw some great parties for me when I was a kid, but my family is not much for adult birthday celebrations and even if we were, by January 6th, everyone has seen each other ENOUGH. For the last few years, my friend author Lucy Burdette has organized a lovely lunch out with friends for our mutual birthdays. (We were born a week apart–same year.) That is just the right speed for me. Of course, last year I got an insurrection for my birthday, but I hope that won’t become a tradition.

Jessie: Happy birthday, Edith! I love to celebrate most anything but am particularly delighted by birthdays. I love to plan fun things for friends and especially for my children. I don’t have a particular tradition about it but rather prefer to tailor the activities to the feted person including baking their favorite cake. Each of them has wanted something different so we have had the pleasure of strawberry, banana with chocolate frosting, ice cream cake, flourless chocolate torte and a towering coconut and fresh berry extravaganza. Such fun!

Sherry: Happy birthday, Edith! Like Barb we had lots of fun birthdays as kids, but now I’m content with a dinner in or out with my family.

Liz: Happy birthday Edith! I’m a pretty simple birthday girl too. I like a nice dinner and some cake and I’m good. Although my favorite birthday of all time was my surprise 40th, which included many of the local Wickeds – I will always remember that night. So fun!

Readers: How do you like to celebrate your birthday? How did you celebrate as a child?

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