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Dark Days — Two More De-Light-ful Releases

I love this time of year when each day the daylight gets a little bit longer than the day before. And now we have two more books to read —Witch Trial by Cate Conte and the wide release of Jane Darrowfield and the Mad Woman Next Door by Barbara Ross. What fun things have you done in the dark? Star gaze? Night time walks? TP a house back in the day? Explored a cave?

Jessie: Super congratulations, Liz and Barb! Last winter I went with one of my sons to a spot he had found on a dark skies map and looked at the stars and some planets through his high-powered binoculars. It was simply magical! Cold, but magical!

Edith/Maddie: I can’t wait to dive into both these new books. Congratulations, Liz and Barb! I grew up stargazing in the Sierras with my mom during our annual camping trips, and it was amazing – magical, as Jessie says. I didn’t manage to get myself up at three AM earlier this month to watch the Geminid meteors, though. I’ve been wanting to go spelunking in southern Indiana so I can set a Country Store mystery in that mileu, but between COVID and my claustrophobic tendencies, I doubt that will happen.

Sherry: Congratulations, Barb and Liz! I love watching meteor showers and have seen some fabulous ones including one at my husband’s family home in a small town in Idaho where it’s very dark. I also have been to the cave from Tom Sawyer in Hannibal several times along with Luray Caverns in Virginia.

Barb: All of those things. I stargaze, sadly with a spotty sense of what I’m looking at. I love walks at night. I’ve explored caverns in Virginia and in Colombia. I love sitting around a campfire, telling ghost stories in the dark. You name it!

Liz: Thanks, all! I love doing things like that. One of my favorite nights was a full moon circle I did outside with a bunch of ladies, some crystals, incense, herbs, and flowers. I also like to walk through cemeteries at night. My best friend in high school lived right across the street from one and we spent a lot of time there after dark…

Readers: How about you?

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