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Out With the Old for 2022

The theme for this month is a good one for January–Out with the Old. Implied is “in with the new”. Wickeds, the question for this week is what new are you hoping for in your writing life in 2022?

Edith/Maddie: I’m hoping to finish crafting my new historical project and land a publishing contract for it. Also hoping for a Country Store Mysteries series contract renewal, and for two or more short story acceptances. Otherwise I’m hoping my writing mojo keeps on keeping on and that readers continue to love my stories!

Liz: Oooh, I have high hopes for 2022! I hope readers love the newest installment of the Full Moon Mysteries featuring Violet and her witchy friends, and that their adventures continue for a long time, and that the Cat Cafe series continues to entertain people–I have a lot of ideas for Maddie’s next adventures. And most of all, I will finally bring a long-awaited project to fruition.

Sherry: I’m going to finally finish the romance I started three years ago and work on a thriller. It’s a blank slate ahead for the time being and I’m excited to see how it fills in!

Julie: I’ve got a new idea that has been knocking on my imagination. I’m looking forward to finishing this draft so I can see what I’ve got. I’m hoping for success in my publishing life. I’m also hoping to see many friends in person at events–let’s hope!

Barb: Early January brings both the new year and my birthday–so you’d think it would be a perfect time for me to be taking stock and making resolutions about writing. However, for the last several years (except last year–which was a wash, let’s face it), I’ve had a March 1, deadline. When the new year comes I am so deep in that project I have trouble looking ahead. So, I am putting the revelation of my intent for the year on account and will get back to you in March.

Jessie: I am looking forward to all your new projects! Like Barb, I have a March deadline this year so I am deep into the work on that novel. I also have an outline for the seventh Beryl and Edwina mystery due to my editor in February so I will be noodling up another adventure for that intrepid pair!

Friends, what are you hoping for in your reading and writing life in 2022?

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