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What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading a lot! I have throughout the pandemic, but have heard a lot of people have had trouble reading these past couple of years. Reading has always been a way to escape from problems and it continues to be. Books are my drug of choice. I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve read.

Last week I read A Moment After Dark by Janet Raye Stevens who did a guest post on Monday. While it has some paranormal elements it didn’t feel like a paranormal to me. Great characters and great suspense!

Over the weekend I read Law of Innocence. I love Michael Connelly’s books and am so grateful my sister told me to read them years ago. I started this book around Christmas but it felt too dark so I set it back down. I have to say I had to suspend belief just a little to accept the premise, but I enjoyed the ride.

I’m now reading two books. My day reading is an early copy of Mint Chocolate Murder, the second Ice Cream Shop Murder by Meri Allen aka Shari Randall. I love her protagonist Riley Rhodes and Meri always packs so much into her stories. You can scoop it up (pun intended) by preordering! It comes out on July 26th! Update — I finished the book last night! Wow!

My before I go to sleep book is Slow Horses by Mick Herron. I bought it for my husband last summer because I’d read good reviews and it sounded interesting–washed up MI5 agents get sent to Slough House. My husband needed a new series to read. Not always an avid fiction reader, he’s caught up on the series now.

I’ve also been reading in fits and starts a YA novel The Project by Courtney Summers. I saw it on a list of best books somewhere. It’s about two sisters one who joins a cult and the other who wants to save her. I’ve been fascinated by cults since college when I took a psych class and ended up a reading a book called Snapping: America’s Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change.

Over Christmas I had a brief period where I just couldn’t read any crime fiction so I turned to romance. It’s pure escapism, but apparently I needed an escape. But all three have great character development and didn’t feel formulaic.