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We are so excited about the books we have coming out this year!

Barbara Ross: Muddled Through releases June 28.

Halloween Party Murder, mass max paperback releases August 23.

Logged On, the standalone novella originally published in Yule Log Murder, releases September 27.

Cate Conte: Gone But Not Furgotten releases on June 28th.

Witch Way Out releases December 2022 — cover reveal to follow!

Jessica Ellicott: Death in a Blackout releases on Feb 24 in the IK and May 3 in the US

Murder Through the English Post releases on July 26 — cover reveal to follow.

Julia Henry: The Plot Thickets releases October 25.

Maddie Day: Batter Off Dead releases February 22.

Murder in a Cape Cottage releases September 27.

“Scarfed Down” in Christmas Scarf Murder (with Carlene O’Connor and Peggy Ehrhart) releases September 27.

Sherry Harris: Three Shots to the Wind releases March 29.

Readers: What are you reading right now?

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