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A Bit of Fun- and a Giveaway

Jessie, looking forward to a spring weekend spent in the garden!

I am not really one for jigsaw puzzles, at least not the ones that come in a box. So, I was entirely surprised to discover how much I enjoy the digital variety! I first encountered them through the National Archives newsletter and have done dozens since. There is something about them that seems like a perfect tiny break between activities. I like to do one after finishing up a day of writing, but before I start in on administration tasks.

I decided one way to enjoy the fun of Malice without being in attendance was to create a digital jigsaw from one of my favorite photos of the Wickeds at Malice. I hope you will find it as amusing as I did! I am offering an Advance Readers Copies of my next Beryl and Edwina mystery, Murder Through the English Post to 2 randomly chosen commenters!

Readers, what is something you have been surprised to find you enjoy?

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