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Countdown to moving day!

By Liz, surrounded by boxes…

Since I talked yesterday on the blog about my rental realtor con, I figured I’d better follow up with the good news portion of the story.

Even though I scrapped the idea of moving to Portland (sorry, Barb!) I did not scrap the idea of moving altogether. And I’m excited to share my news that I’m moving back to the Boston area in June. You all are the first to hear! 

I’m really, really thrilled about this move. Not only am I going to be living my dream of living on the beach (seriously – I have a water view), but I’ll be right outside the city and best of all, near my original writing community. I didn’t realize the full extent of how I’d been missing this until the pandemic put so much in perspective for me. 

I know what you’re thinking – Connecticut isn’t that far away, right? I mean, technically it’s still part of New England! Well, yes. Technically. But it’s complicated. 

I wrote a whole essay about this recently. Here’s an excerpt:

Sixteen years ago I moved to Connecticut. Yes, it’s still New England, and yes, there are mystery writers here. But I’m not in close proximity to most of them. Connecticut is that weird state that’s not really sure where it belongs (and I say this with fondness). For instance, in SinC, I’m part of the New England chapter but in Mystery Writers of America, I’m part of the New York chapter. In both cases, regular meetings and other in-person events were not often convenient. And while I needed to move here for many reasons, I think I’ve finally fulfilled my destiny here. I’ve learned lessons, I’ve met dear friends, I’ve experienced new things. I couldn’t help but feel it was done. There was nothing left to do. 

After a summer of feeling adrift, restless, that familiar unbelonging creeping up on me once again, I realized it was time. Time to admit that I’ve outgrown this place I’ve called home for a long time. That I wanted to be closer to home, closer to the circle I know is waiting for me, to the expanded circle that I’m excited to experience. Time to head north again.

So, it’s official – I’m outta here! And I hope I’ll be seeing a lot of you Mass. and Maine contingencies in the very near future. 

Oh, and I did NOT hire a realtor to help…lesson learned!

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