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Perchance to Dream

by Julie, on retreat

I have a significant birthday coming up in a few weeks, and have been looking for a way to celebrate. As with most big birthdays, I’m also taking the ramp up time to reflect. And, perchance to dream. I have much to celebrate. But I’m also thinking about this next decade, and what I’d like to accomplish.

Staying healthy, first and foremost. Getting in shape, eating well, keeping on top of any health issues that come up.

Having more adventures. For me, that means traveling. My list of places I want to go is long. I also want to try new things, within reason. I’m not going to climb Mt. Everest. But ziplining? I’d like to try that.

Challenging myself creatively. I know I can write books–my tenth will be out this summer. But how can I challenge myself? What does that look like? A new genre? Multiple points of view? A new series?

A few months ago I was scrolling on Instagram and saw that Jess Lourey, a writer I greatly admire, was offering a writing retreat in Italy. I wrote to her, and asked some questions. Long story short, my early birthday present to myself is a trip to Italy, with my very rough draft of a new and ambitious project, to go on a writing retreat with a dozen other writers. This trip will see me walking a lot and eating well, traveling and exploring, and having a creative reboot. In other words, a perfect way to start this new decade. My cats and house are being sat, and all I need to do is not get lost in Rome, and meet up with the group in time to get to Tuscany.

Readers, how do you mark significant times in your life? Do you use these times to reflect, perchance to dream, on what’s next? I look forward to reading your comments–once I’m back.

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