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Wicked Wednesday – Survival Skills

Hey readers – Liz here with another nine-lives themed Wicked Wednesday.

Nine lives has always been associated with cats. While we know that isn’t technically true (yeah, sadly, it’s a myth), they do have exceptional survival skills. So Wickeds, which real or fictional person do you admire for his/her survival skills and why?

Julie: Mrs. Pollifax jumps to mind. I do so love those books. She’s in her 60’s when the series starts, and decides to join the CIA to find purpose in her life. Her only survival skills at the beginning are her wits, and her ability to make connections where there seemingly are none. By the end of the series she’s a brown belt in karate, and has several other survival skills, but her special skills remain unique.

Edith/Maddie: There are so many astonishingly brave real women who have risked death over and over, for women’s rights, in war, in everyday life. But I’ll stick to crime fiction and pick Molly Murphy from Rhys Bowen’s long-running series. Molly flees to New York City in the early 1900s from Ireland, thinking she’d killed a man. She’s determined to be come a private investigator. She succeeds, and is still investigating, solving crimes, and getting into – and out of – jams despite being married to a policeman and being a mother.

Jessie: I have mentioned her before here, but for she is the perfect example of survivorship is Victoria Woodhull. She found her way out of a difficult childhood, a terrible marriage, poverty, jail, and the expectations and limitations placed on women during her era. She was a complex person and one I find utterly fascinating.

Liz: Since I’ve been watching the new Bosch Legacy, I have to say I’m back on a Harry Bosch kick. I love everything about him, and Titus Welliver on the show is probably the best Bosch they could’ve given us to fit the character. Every time I think “there’s no way he’s getting out of this one” – he does. Love him.

Sherry: Liz, I love all the Bosch books and shows. I love Honey Chandler in the shows too, she’s tough, smart, and and overcomes obstacles. Lizbeth Salander in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books is also one tough cookie–flawed and smart.

Barb: We just finished the Bosch Legacy series and now are watching The Lincoln Lawyer, so we are really on a Michael Connelly kick, too. For survivors, I think of Ree in Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone. The book brilliantly describes what it takes for a teenage girl not only to survive every day in the face of grinding rural poverty and the adult dysfunction it causes, but then throws her into a life and death situation in a desperate attempt to protect her younger siblings from a life much worse than the one they are already living. I loved this book.

Readers, who’s your favorite survivor?

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