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Moving, and other change

By Liz, surrounded by boxes and moving anxiety

A week from today is moving day.

While most of me is in the “woohoo!!!” stage, part of me is dealing with the stress of a maze of boxes, piles of work to do in between packing, trying to find new furniture and make sure I’ve remembered to change all my auto-delivery addresses, and on and on. You know, all the common moving stressors. 

I think I’m also a little generally anxious about the whole thing. It’s absolutely the right move for me right now, but there’s always some worry about going to a new place, starting new routines, finding all the things I’ll need. This entire last year has been almost non-stop change, and I’m really hoping that things settle down a bit once the move is done. 

But the amazing thing about all the change is the way I received it. In the past, I would’ve lost my mind if ONE of the things had happened—never mind ALL the things. Instead I was able to recognize that I’d put the idea out there to the universe that I wanted different things in my life, and when they were delivered, I saw them for what they were—all opportunities. 

The end of a relationship gave me an opportunity to think about what I most want out of my life, in all areas, and how to get closer to that.

A major shake-up at work gave me an opportunity to change the way I approach my career(s). 

Leaving a toxic workplace gave me an opportunity to think differently about what’s good for my health—emotional and otherwise—and make choices that support that. Similarly, that change gave me an opportunity to realize I can surround myself with the types of people whom I actually want to be around, who are good for my soul, who I can energetically vibe with—not just the people with whom I’m forced to be around in a workplace. Because they are usually not my people.

And deciding (twice in the past year) to change locations gave me an opportunity to really choose, for the first time probably ever, where I wanted to be independent of other people or situations factoring in. 

It’s been amazing. And freeing. So I’m approaching it—and all the other “new” things in my world with a new “Bring it on” attitude. I’m ready. It’s gonna be amazing. 

Readers, how do you approach change? 

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