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What it’s really like to live on the beach – and a #giveaway

By Liz, who can’t tear herself away from the windows these days

Those of you who know me well may remember times when I would wistfully talk about how I would love to live right on the beach, with an office overlooking the ocean – a place where I could constantly create in that amazing water energy. 

Usually, after I said it, I would say something like, “I have no idea how that’s going to happen because I don’t think a multi-million dollar mansion on [insert waterfront area] is in my budget right now.” 

Well, it still isn’t – but somehow I manifested an ocean-front place to live anyway. You guys – don’t ask me how I did it. But here I am. 

I cannot believe I live here. This is the view from my desk.

This will be either very good for my writing career, because I’ll never leave my desk, or it will be very bad because I’ll be staring out the window the entire time. 

I’m a complete beach bum. I’ve been this way my whole life. If you stick me in a chair on the sand with a book and a boogie board, I’ll stay on the beach (and in the water) until someone kicks me off. After having lived a decent drive away from it for so long, having it right at my fingertips is amazing. 

I can’t say enough about having my sliding door open all night, hearing the waves and smelling the salt air. Taking 2-3 walks along the boulevard with the dogs every day. Every time I’m feeling kind of cranky, or overwhelmed, or need a break from working on something, I just step outside for a few minutes and I feel like a new person. 

So all I really wanted to do today is show you pictures of the new spot, since you had to hear me talking about the move so much. I knew life would be way better on the other side!

It really is true – everything’s better in the salt air. 

Readers, what’s your happy place? Leave a comment below. I’ll send one commenter a special gift 🙂

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