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Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

I have to start by saying Happy Birthday to my husband Bob—the man who makes me laugh, who always has my back, and who loves me no matter what.

It’s a big week in our lives. Tomorrow is Bob’s last day of work with his corporate job. This is the first time since he was fourteen that he hasn’t had a job. But it’s not only a big change for him, but for me. I’m used to being home alone—a lot. And I like that time. I have my little routines. All of that is going out the window.

I’m the one who encouraged Bob to retire. He’s worked his butt off for the entire thirty-two (almost) years of our marriage. Because of his hard work and support I was able to stay home with our daughter which was a joy (most days)! It allowed me time to write and rewrite and go to writer’s conferences and take writing classes. No one was happier when I got my first publishing contract than Bob.

But I confess, when Bob followed me from one room to the other one day recently, I got a little worried.

The first week of his retirement will be easy. Our friend from Australia, Christine, and her two sons are coming, and we have lots of activities planned. Two weeks after that we are going to Ohio to watch one of Christine’s sons play Ultimate Frisbee in an international tournament. We have various other travel plans arranged, but at some point we will have to settle in to a new normal. I guess that’s the part that worries me. And him.

Don’t tell him but his birthday and retirement gifts from me are mostly books. That will help keep him occupied, right? I also ordered him this mug:

Most of his coworkers have asked him, “But what are you going to do?” His response (to me at least) has been “why do I have to do anything?” A friend of his who retired a couple of years ago told him that for the first week (possibly the second week for Bob because of said company) he might wonder what the heck he’s done. However, other friends have assured him he’ll be delighted.

All that said, I’m looking forward to this new phase of our life. One where we can pack up on a whim and go somewhere or we can read or take walks or go out to lunch on our schedule instead of corporate America’s.

Readers: How do you handle big changes in your lives? Any advice for me?

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