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Opening Lines

Wickeds, add your opening lines!

Edith/Maddie: I told him not to go poking around in the forsythia. One more nosy boyfriend is now a late boyfriend.

Jessie: Marilyn was foolish enough to comment on my new garden had really taken off since my husband set off for parts unknown. She won’t be doing that again.

Barb: “I buried my ex-wife here, you know, for the tax break.”

Sherry: Digging holes is hard work. And I realized mine was too shallow when I noticed my former boss’s hat was still above ground.

Liz: Stupid meter reader. If he’d only listened when I told him not to go to that corner of the garden looking the meter.

Julie: And they wonder why I don’t weed more often.

Readers: Add yours in the comments.

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