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The Cat Cafe Mysteries go Dutch

By Liz, holding on to summer as long as possible

I hit a fun new milestone in the writing world this year. My – well, Cate’s – Cat Cafe books have been translated into Dutch and are available in the Netherlands.

I got the news late last year that the rights for the first three books had sold. A few months later, I got tagged in a couple of posts – in Dutch – which suggested the books were already out in eBook format.

And then just last month, I got word that the next three books were also going to be translated.

This was such a fun experience, seeing all the people sharing, participating in giveaways, and – at least as far as the translation feature on Instagram tells me – liking the books.

It was such a great reminder for me that even though sometimes I feel like I’m sitting in this little corner, doing my thing, that my words are getting out into the world – sometimes a lot further than I could have imagined. So this is just another reason for me to say thank you to ALL the readers around the world who love books in general and who make it possible for books like mine to get in the hands of people I could have never dreamed of.

Keep reading. We need you!

Readers, do you books in translation? Any favorites to recommend?

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