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Jessie: Back in New Hampshire after a fun weekend at the Crime Bake!

I hope this post finds you well and tucked up somewhere cozy and comfortable with a stack of great books easily at hand! Autumn is probably my favorite season because it is so perfect for donning wooly socks, pouring a hot beverage and curling up in a wingback chair with my dog Sam, in my library surrounded by books I consider dear friends!

Since it is autumn, the release date for the seventh Beryl and Edwina Mystery, Murder at a London Finishing School, is still a few months off. Despite that, preparations behind the scenes are well underway!  Advance reader copies are being printed, the eBook and hardcover formats are available for preorder and I am delighted to reveal the cover! If you want to be sure to stay up-to-date on releases, behind-the-scenes peeks, and photos of my dog, Sam be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

And here’s the copy from the back cover:

American adventuress Beryl Halliwell and prim and proper Brit Edwina Davenport team up once again as enquiry agents to solve a mystery at their alma mater in this historical English village mystery set just after World War I.

Neither Beryl nor Edwina are the least bit interested in attending events at their alma mater, Miss Dupont’s Finishing School. Their lives are very full indeed in the village of Walmsley Parva. However, when a letter arrives from Miss Dupont herself requesting their help in a professional capacity, they reluctantly pack their bags for London.
Upon arrival, they learn from Miss Dupont that her business has seen a steep decline since the days before World War I and that now she is concerned a saboteur is attempting to damage the school’s reputation. Students have reported items missing, damaged possessions, and strange noises in the night.  Some of the girls even insist ghostly forces are at play.
Then a former classmate of theirs and mother of a prospective student is found dead on the school grounds. The roll call of suspects is long, and if Beryl and Edwina are to have a ghost of a chance of solving the murder, they can’t rule out the possibility that Miss Dupont herself may have finished off the victim . . .

Readers, which is your favorite season and why?

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