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Grateful for Things in 2022

As we come into this time of year when gratitude is everything, we try not to be too materialistic. Nonetheless, I think for each of you Wickeds, something came into your life this year for which you are grateful.

I always think about Mary Chapin Carpenter singing in Passionate Kisses,

“Pens that won’t run out of ink
And cool quiet and time to think
Shouldn’t I have this?”

I think it is the writers’ anthem.

Anyway Wickeds, what object came into your life this year that you are profoundly grateful for?

Edith/Maddie: I love that song, Barb. This object has nothing to do with my writing life, except when I’m devising recipes for books or for my twice-monthly Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen blog posts. I recently acquired a new version of my mini-food-processor, a little machine that holds about two cups. I’ve had one for many years, but the motor was grinding, the labels had worn off, and then the lid broke, a lid that has to click in or the machine won’t run. I adore this shiny new red edition, in which I blend up pesto, grind nuts, and make my morning banana-blueberry smoothie, among many other uses.

Liz: My new apartment, hands down. I’m so grateful to be here, near friends and the ocean. It makes me super happy.

Julie: Edith, I love that red! And there does come a point when appliances need to be replaced. And Liz, I’m so glad you’re closer, and that you have your view.

When I thought about what thing I’m grateful for, my mind went all over the place. My sisters and I are clearing out our parents’ house, and I’ve got a few pieces of furniture and some knick knacks that have come to me that make me happy. It would be hard to choose one, but if I had to I’d choose the oak dresser that used to be my grandmother’s, and that my mother used for hats and scarves and seasonal things. I put it next to the window and filled it with my yarn and needlework. Seeing it, and knowing how pleased my grandmother would be that I still practiced the crafts she taught me, and how happy my mother is when I tell her that my cats like to lounge on top and look out the window–that makes it my favorite thing.

Jessie: Julie, I got a little choked up reading your bit! Mine is an espresso maker. My husband stopped drinking caffeine several years ago and we stopped having coffee together because I continued to enjoy my daily jolts. For a variety of reasons we decided to carve out a hot beverage station in our kitchen and we added the machine. Because we make individual cups, and because he loves gadgets, my husband decided to give decaf espresso a try. Now we are enjoying coffee breaks together a couple of times each day. The machine makes great coffee, but it makes even better memories and daily points of connection.

Barb: Jessie, your story about enticing your husband with a gadget puts me in mind of our new thing in 2022, our fully electric car. My husband, Bill, lived his whole life in Massachusetts prior to our move full-time to Maine five years ago. He is that demon on the roads called a Massachusetts driver. For those of you from farther away who don’t know, it means he drives very fast, and with reckless abandon. (If he were writing this, he would tell you what a wonderful driver he is. Never had an accident. Which is true.) He had a big birthday this year, and I mentioned, with trepidation, that his reflexes probably weren’t what they once were and maybe he should slow down. This was met with exactly the response you would expect. However, once the electric car came into our lives, keeping the battery use to a minimum as reflected on the little slide bar on the display behind the steering wheel became a game and he slowed way down. I was reminded once again that you can get some people to do anything by giving them a gadget or a game. Anyway, lo-o-ong way of saying the new thing that came into our lives this year that I am really enjoying is our car.

Sherry: It’s hard to imagine Bill driving anyway other than fast–what is that Massachusetts philosophy — always get ahead of the next car? I love my laptop. It’s lightweight, fast, and portable. I’m always looking things up on it.

Readers: What is new thing came into your life this year for which you are thankful ?

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