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Opening Lines

Wickeds write an open line for this photo!

Edith/Maddie: [Scrawled at the bottom of the Dear Santa note on the hearth] Thx fer the warm milk and rum, but yer gonna regret using nutmeg in them cookies. Always makes me want to run out and kill someon… [Writing trails off]

Liz: Shoulda remembered from college that Bacardi was never a good idea. Now I have a missing elf, a totaled sleigh, and no idea where the reindeer ran off to. And the Uber won’t take me to the North Pole, so I’m at the mercy of the cops!

Barb: Well, that explained the mess under the Christmas tree.

Sherry: The knife would be the most obvious weapon of choice. But never underestimate an elf costume and a boa with a piano wire hidden inside.

Julie: [Tired Mrs. Claus surveying the mess on the steps sighs then starts to hum.] It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Every year it’s the same. Winkie, make some coffee. Blinkie, go find him. He always pulls this diva act before the big ride.

Jessie: The work holiday party always ended the same way. Everyone drank too much, the decorations were yanked down and someone inevitably left their gift behind. This was the first year, however, that someone used a feather boa to strangle an elf.

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