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Wicked Wednesday – Out With Old Mindsets

By Liz, wishing all of us an amazing 2023!

This month’s Wicked Wednesdays are all about changing it up, making new choices, creating new habits. So for this first Wednesday of 2023, let’s talk about mindset.

Wickeds, what’s a particular mindset or way of thinking that isn’t working for you any more? Any negative self talk, perfectionism, dwelling on past mistakes that you’re ready to let go of this year? Tell me!

Edith/Maddie: This isn’t exactly a mindset, but it’s the thoughts that scroll, sometimes endlessly, when I lie awake at two in the morning. Usually I can get back to sleep, but it seems at least once a week I can’t, and my busy mind ranges through an incredible array of issues I have no control over. Some happened in the past (which are so over), some are my sons’ business and not mine, and some are worries that I know in the cool light of day will be FINE. I am more than ready to let this thought-scrolling go, especially since it never includes solving plot problems. Bye-bye. Don’t come back.

Julie: Edith, doom scrolling at 2am is the worst. I’ve taken to having a book I know on audio, and I play it to give my brain something else to focus on, otherwise I spiral. What I’m trying to shift in 2023 is playing out the future before it happens. I future think, and that’s not helpful for focusing on the now. Instead of worrying about how many copies my new book will sell, finish editing it. That sort of thing.

Sherry: I hate when the mind circles and re-circles in the middle of the night too. I have a variety of games I play in my mind to try to distract myself. I’m trying to see the big picture of things this year. I sometimes get caught up in the little things that create anxiety.

Jessie: I love this question, Liz! Every year I pick a word or phrase to use as a litmus test for decisions, goals and problem solving. It is a way for me to frame a mindset and one that I feel really helps me to change and grow.

Barb: Throughout our marriage my husband and I have had a motto, “No regrets!” Because really, what’s the point? You come to a fork in the road; choosing one path precludes all the others. It’s a part of the condition of being human and living in one timeline. And as for the things thrust upon you, where you don’t get to make the choice, there’s no point in regretting those either since you can’t change them. However, with a milestone birthday looming in two days, I’ve found in the last ten years or so that you probably can’t get out of this life without a few major regrets. I have found that having next to no experience dealing with major regrets that I am very, very bad at it. I get that what I’ve always believed still applies, that lacking a time machine you can’t go back and change anything, but still… So in 2023, I’d love to do better handling regrets.

Readers, what’s a mindset shift you’re making in the new year? Tell us below!

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