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Views from the Florida Panhandle

I love visiting the Florida Panhandle where my Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mysteries are set. Family, beautiful sunrises (which as your probably remember I miss), beautiful sunsets, good drinks, and with this trip: fog, cold, and storms.

On Christmas Eve morning my mom supervised Bob making Spritz Christmas cookies from a well-loved recipe in Pyrex bowls my mom got as a wedding gift 74 years ago.

It was cold Christmas weekend. The windchill was 10! We had the beach to ourselves! I’m laughing at the way my hair feathered back in the wind!

Sunrises courtesy of my husband!

I see a man’s face in the next sunrise photo. It’s in the brightly illuminated part near the building in the upper right-hand corner.

Or maybe you can see him better in this one!

And then he took a picture with a heart or angel wings.

And this is why I don’t get up for sunrise–because when I do it looks like this!

Malcolm, a bartender at the Crab Trap, (Chloe goes there in From Beer to Eternity) made me two amazing drinks. The first was a Bushwacker (Chloe has one or two in Rum and Choke). When we went back two days later I asked him to make me a rum-based, fruity, smoothy drink and he suggested a Miami Vice. Yum! Then a little wine on the balcony.

A little mother nature! These two birds stayed looking at each other and touched beaks a couple of times. They are very small sanderlings that usually run when you get to close. I could decide if they were on a date or fighting.

One day the beach had a lot of Portuguese Man O War on it! I stepped carefully that day!

And of course some sunset snaps. One has an odd reflection that looks like a poppy!

Happy New Year!

Readers: What’s your favorite book vacation location?

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