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Jessie: In New Hampshire where there is yet more snow in the forecast!

As you are probably aware, March is Women’s History month. Considering I am a woman who writes historical novels with mostly female protagonists, I am sure that is not surprising that this is a month that interests me a great deal. What does surprise me is how each time March rolls around another aspect of the topic piques my interest. There are so many interesting things to explore and consider even by visiting the official website put on by the federal government. As I look over all the different exhibits showcased there, I find myself in awe of all that has come before and feel inspired for else what may lie ahead. There are so many areas covered on the website that there is something for everyone!

For example, the website includes links to:

This sampling of the offerings barely scratches the surface of what is available on this one website alone. From famous women to those who were the sort you might meet at the grocer or at a quilting group, there are so many intriguing articles, photographs, interviews and exhibits available at the click of a mouse. It truly is a celebration of one half of the world’s population. I have found my research and reading there to be both thought-provoking and uplifting. I hope that this sample has sparked your own curiosity and that you will find something of interest too!

Readers, what sorts of things either online or in real life make you feel either proud of the past or hopeful about the future?

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