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Wicked Wednesday: Strong Paranormal Women

We’re still celebrating yesterday’s release of Witch Way Out by Cate Conte (aka Wicked Liz Mugavero) – congratulations, Cate/Liz!

Wickeds: Let’s chat about a fictional or real strong woman who might have some connection to other spirit worlds, be she a witch, a seer, a psychic, a healer, or an ordinary lady who always seems to know a bit more about your thoughts or the future than she should.

Julie: Congratulations Liz/Cate! I love this series, and can’t wait to read this new book. I’ve mentioned before that I’m reading (listening) to the Hamish Macbeth books right now, and there’s a character in the series, Elsbeth Grant, who has the second sight. She was engaged to Hamish at one point, but is now his friend. I love the way she responds to people, and gives unexpected insight into characters.

Edith/Maddie: So many congratulations, Liz/Cate! I will venture to suggest one of my own characters. Orpha Perkins from my Quaker Midwife Mysteries is midwife Rose Carroll’s elderly teacher, mentor, and friend. She delivered Rose herself, and has an ability to see into her inner thoughts and heart as well as those of others. While not paranormal exactly, Orpha is a healer and a woman who brings forth life. She can sense other people’s motivations and, while kind, doesn’t abide fools.

Jessie: Congratulations, Liz! These books are such fun! Like Edith, I am going to mention one of my own characters. I absolutely adored writing the books in my Change of Fortune series which is chock-a-block full of characters with paranormal abilities. I love the series protagonist, Ruby Proulx, a con artist who happens to also be truly clairaudient. I was also smitten by her aunt, Honoria Belden, a woman who had dreams.

Barb: Congratulations, Liz! Okay, so you guys are going to get me to mention my love of time travel books again. Time travel stories are most often classified as sci-fi, not paranormal. But think about it, if all time exists all at once, if we could tap into that, what insights would we gain? I am forced therefore to go with Claire Fraser from the Outlander books.

Sherry: Yay! A new book to read by Liz! So I guess I’m the only one naming real people today. I’m wondering if all of you have some mystical connection to me. It seems like one or the other of you will reach out at times I need a boost–even when I haven’t said anything out loud.

Liz: Thanks all! I have to go back to what started this whole series – Samantha and Endora from Bewitched. I always loved the relationship between them and it was a huge influence on how I approached Violet and Fiona. I’ve always kind of pictured Fiona like Endora 🙂

Readers: Who is your favorite character – fictional or real – who has a connection to the unknown?

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