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Wicked Wednesday–What have you learned? and a #giveaway

by Barb, in book jail big time, in Maine

Wickeds, since we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary all month, I feel I must ask: What have you learned from your ten years of blogging?

Julie: The main thing I’ve learned is that the business of books is better with friends. It’s fun to celebrate each other’s success in public, and to talk about each other on panels and at events. I always give away Wicked bookmarks as well as my own. Six voices are stronger than one.

Liz: Definitely that, Julie! I’ve also learned to enjoy the moment more. I still remember getting my first box of books and being blown away…but I don’t know if I enjoyed the moment as much as I should have. I’m one of those people who is always on to the next thing and I’ve been working on that. Today my goal is to stop, appreciate and enjoy every new book, every launch and every other experience that comes with this business!

Edith: I’ve learned that each of the six of us has our own strengths. One is great with blog statistics. Another often invites diverse author-guests. Another wrangles the calendar/spreadsheet. One of us checks the blog early and fixes it when a post was scheduled for PM instead of AM. Another has great ideas for our monthly themes. And so on. We couldn’t do it without each other, and isn’t that how it should be?

Jessie: I’ve learned how enthusiastic and supportive the mystery reading community can be. It is always such a lovely thing to share news, launches or fun bits of research on the blog because there readers give such a warm reception!

Sherry: All of the above! And I love our “we’re going to need a bigger boat” attitude as we find new authors and have former guests back when new books come out. I remember going to our very first Malice as the Wicked Cozy Authors in May 2013 (you can read about it here) and trying to get the word out about the blog!

Barb: I’ve learned the blog is a lot of work, (she says as this month’s wrangler), but so, so worth it for the fabulous authors, commenters and readers we’ve met along the way.

Readers: Have you learned anything interesting from reading our blog? Let us know what stands out. Julie will be choosing a name to send copies of her Theater Cop series.

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