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Summer Travels, Great Memories, Old Friends, and a Bit of Inspiration

Sherry is still melting. Things are supposed to approve this weekend! Whew.

We’ve been very fortunate to travel this summer so I’m sharing some pictures and thoughts today.

First up in June we visited friends we were stationed with in Los Angeles in the early nineties. Nancy and I became fast friends through our shared love of garage sales. We also had both worked for financial planners and had almost identical dinnerware by Dansk. When our husbands we’re out of town, we had each other’s backs through babies, chicken pox, earthquakes, and anything else life threw at us. They now live on a family ranch in Northern California.

We fell in love with all of their dogs! I miss them!

And the beautiful scenery! No trip to the ranch is complete without a ride in the quad. One wrong step and you’re tumbling down the mountain.

We made a quick trip to Florida to visit my mom and were able to visit her lovely neighbors too. It was so hot, I didn’t even make it to the beach other than to drive by.

Then we were off on a road trip. In St. Louis, my dear friend Dianne, arranged a gathering of sorority sisters! It was so great to see them.

Then we were off to Colorado. Our first stop was Denver where we went to watch Jono Keyes (son of our dear friend Christine) play Ultimate Frisbee with his Australian mixed team. We watched him play in Ohio last summer and had so much fun we wanted to watch him again. I wrote about it here. This year they took fourth place!

After the tournament we spent part of a day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Go if you ever get a chance. They have a huge herd of bison.

Then it was on to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we met and married. It was a wonderful visit and walk down memory lane. We hadn’t been there in twenty-seven years and it’s thriving. We saw the base chapel where we were married, the place we had our reception, our first house, and visited Mary Rose who was with me the night I met Bob, and saw our Matron of Honor, Peggy.

Being back in Cheyenne, reminded me of an idea I had for a cozy set there. A young woman who’s a designer from LA, goes to help her grandparents run their Western clothing store for a week. It’s Yellowstone meets Project Runway.

We saw more friends we been stationed with as we headed to Avon, Colorado for a week. What a beautiful place. I’ve been to many parts of Colorado but never there. It’s near Vail. One day we drove to Aspen, where we had a two-day honeymoon at the cheapest place in town. It’s now housing for workers.

Then we drove over Independence Pass to Leadville. It’s a stunning drive that you must take if you’re ever out in Colorado. We’ve done it before but it had been many, many years ago.

What a summer with friends, beautiful scenery, historic sites, so many mountains, and vast prairies!

And I couldn’t end the post without saying happy anniversary to my wonderful husband of thirty-three years. I’m not sure how I was so lucky to meet you (it’s a good thing you’re stubborn), but I can’t imagine life without you.

Readers: Is there somewhere you’ve visited that you’d like to go back to?

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