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Deep Fried Death Cover Reveal

News Flash: And the winners are: Anita, Carol K, Patti Borgognoni, Anita Klaboe, Celie Roberts, Jen, Lori B, Bonnie, and April Morin. Congratulations, all, and please check your email.

Edith/Maddie writing from north of Boston.

I’m having the kind of month I like. Mostly unscheduled, no more travel until mid-October, a few fun non-authorly events planned, great summer produce still in abundance, and a new book to write. Oh, and a novella releases on the 24th!

But first I attended Bouchercon, the year’s biggest mystery convention, this year in San Diego. I arrived home a week ago on September third. San Diego is a favorite city in my native state, and I made sure to get outside and walk along the marina every day. Shown here is the view the first evening from my balcony on the 15th floor, yes, with sliders that opened (this will horrify Sherry’s husband Bob, but I didn’t close the sliders once for the rest of my stay, day or night…).

I got to hang with Julie some, which was delightful, and schmooze with lots and lots of fans and fellow authors. I didn’t see Liz more than a couple of times but I could tell she was enjoying herself, too.

As was our beloved FOWA (Friend of the Wicked Authors) Dru Ann Love, the Fan Guest of Honor, who I snapped a picture with at registration, plus another FOWA, Nikki Bonanni.

I also got to meet Linda Johnson, my audio narrator for Murder Uncorked, which was exciting. I’ve never met one of my narrators before, and I was able to answer a couple of questions for her.

And now I’m back, blessedly COVID-free (although others weren’t so lucky), and working hard on writing Deadly Crush, my second Cece Barton mystery – yes, before the first in the series is out.

But what’s this about a cover reveal, you ask? Indeed. Jennifer M, the fabulous assistant I share with the other Wickeds, prompted me recently. “Have you done a cover reveal yet for Deep Fried Death?”

Um, no, I realized. And so, here it is!

(Don’t ask me how Birdie got on top of the decorated outhouse. Other bits, including the title, also don’t match the book contents. Let’s just not go there. It’s a fun cozy cover and that’s enough.)

Here’s the blurb for the twelfth book in the Country Store Mysteries series:

A killer strikes during Nashville, Indiana’s annual Outhouse Race festivities, landing Pans ‘N Pancakes owner Robbie Jordan on the suspect list…

Many residents of South Lick, Indiana, claim the Outhouse Race, in which competitors push old-timey outhouse replicas on wheels at the annual Abe Martin Festival on Memorial Day, is the best thing since indoor plumbing. Just because country store and restaurant owner Robbie Jordan has too much to do managing her new deep fryer as well as an old lover reappearing, she’s not going to miss out on the fun. Plus, it’s good for business.

But when a dead body and a cast-iron skillet tumble out of the Pans ’N Pancakes outhouse entry on the race route, it seems someone is trying to frame Robbie—in a most unconventional way. Now she’ll need to be privy to the townsfolks’ secrets as she races to flush out a killer.

And look what arrived two days ago – a box full of ARCs!

Of course I want to give some away. September is the ninth month, so I’ll send NINE commenters an advance copy, hoping with fingers crossed you like it enough to give it a positive review on Goodreads before the December 26 release date.

Readers: What goofy parades have you watched – or participated in? Are you all caught up on Country Store Mysteries one through eleven?

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