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The Wickeds are six best-selling authors who write traditional, cozy, and historical mystery novels. The aim of this blog is to have an ongoing coffee klatch/cocktail party (insert your beverage of choice) conversation about the things we love–including, of course, books, books, books–as well as fellow authors, pets, recipes, places we love, the writing life… We could go on and on (and we do).

The six Wickeds are

L-R: Edith, Julie, Sherry, Liz, Barb, Jessie

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  1. Very excited to subscribe to your newsletter. I am working on my 2nd cozy while my agent tries selling my first (very slow process!). I live in CT so love that all of you write about New England, although my cozies take place in upstate NY!

    1. I recently heard about your newsletter from a fellow author. I just published a thriller this month, Set In Stone, about a small town in New England – I’m sure to love this community.

  2. Hi Girls, You all look so happy! And why shouldn’t writers be happy? I also work with a group of writers – one man,five women – and we treasure our group, the support, the positive critique, the laughs, the jokes – FRIENDSHIP. Writers deserve friendship. You’ve cheered my day. I’ll be back, Elenor

    1. That was a happy day, Elenor, and we do have a good time together, (which is something to remind ourselves when we are individually slogging through draft after draft).

      So grateful you’ve dropped by.

  3. Dear Cozy Writers:
    I’m alarmed! Why would literary writers look down on mystery writers. My next novel is going to be a “who done it”. Yep, that would be classed as a mystery. Or were you just being neurotic?

  4. Just signed a contract with Kensington for three more cozies in my Witch City Mystery series! Salem born, on Halloween eve, I live in Florida now but still have my accent intact. Third book in the series, Look Both Ways will be out November 1.

  5. I love reading books and writing what I think about them on my blog. I am owned by three lovely kids, a precious dog…Cibbl (pronounced Kibble) and have a wonderful husband who supports my reading habit. I can’t wait to get your newsletter and get to know you all.

  6. Hi Ladies – I’m delighted to find your website (thanks to the Boston Globe April, 2016 article). I love the “new” cozy mystery genre, so many, many thanks for your contributions to the field. As a long-time mystery reader – thanks to Nancy Drew at about age 10 – mystery stories have gotten me through the ups and downs of life. Now retired I finally have the time to really indulge. Last fall I taught a class at the Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) at Rivier University in Nashua, NH entitled “The History of the Mystery,” that was very well received. During the winter/spring 2017 semester I’m thinking of teaching one called “Cuddle Up With a Cozy.” So your books will fit right in. Can’t wait to learn more about all of you! Thank you.

  7. How exciting to find this site. I am a native New Englander now living on the Left Coast, but I base my mystery series in the fictional town of Indian Cove, Connecticut, loosely based on Milford. I love all things New England and pine away for those glorious autumns. Looking forward to checking out this site. http://amzn.to/Wi469m

  8. I love your site – fun and interesting. I am Canadian but have a new cozy series based in New England. After a visit, I knew it had to be! Looking forward to following your posts. Great job!

      1. Thank you so much, Sherry! What a great compliment. I hope you enjoy it!!

  9. Hi ladies, is there any other way besides following with Word Press to get notice when you have a new blog post? I just randomly see links on Facebook for it even though I do follow your page there. Word Press doesn’t always send emails when blogs I follow post new articles. Thanks!

      1. Thank you so much for the reply! I’ll just try to keep a closer eye on your FB page. It’s a little annoying that FB doesn’t always show us the pages we want to follow. 🙂

      1. Thanks Sherry, I will try and remember that. I’m in a lot of groups where people will post blog article links so between trying to remember to check the FB page and the groups, I’m sure I’ll see more that way. 🙂

  10. First, I love all your posts, even though they continually cause my To-Be-Read to grow longer and longer. Second, I just finished Tilling the Truth and absolutely loved it. To use a baseball analogy, Julia you really hit it out of the park. Thank you all for all the great books you’ve written… now to decide what to read next, Jane Darrowfield or Murder at the Taffy Shop or one of the others.

    1. Katherine, we’re delighted you love our blog, and we’re happy to keep your TBR pile growing. I hope you love Murder at the Taffy Shop when you get to it.

  11. Hi- I heard Barbara Ross speak last week and she mentioned a writing blog. I am happy I found The Wickeds! I am an aspiring cozy writer (with an idea starting to formulate on paper), and it’s great to know there’s such a strong community out there.

    1. Weclome, Shanna! There is a strong community here. I also recommend joining Sisters In Crime. You may feel like it’s too early in your writing process, but it’s not.

  12. I commented on one of your posts that if I went on a wagon in the wild west what would I leave behind and what would I take well I can’t find that post or the winner of that contest can you help me please

  13. Oh how I love to see you kick up your heels! Sends a powerful, positive message to us gals out in the hinterlands who’d like to join your ranks. I’m in a group of writers who are proud to report our stories will be released in October in the fabulous anthology edited by Marla Bradeen ‘Malice, Matrimony, & Murder’. A host of cozy mysteries, 25 total, murder laced with humor and suspense.
    However, the fun is following this blog and reading good news.

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