Did Liz Miss Malice or Did Malice Miss Liz?

Liz Mugavero couldn’t make it to the Malice Domestic conference so Jessie Crockett made sure Liz was with us — sort of!

All the Wicked Cozy authors! Barbara Ross, Edith Maxwell, Jessie Crocket, Sherry Harris, Julie Hennrikus
All the Wicked Cozy authors!

Julie and Sherry miss Liz! Julie Hennrikus, Sherry Harris and Liz MugaveroWhen in doubt, Barb Ross and Edith Maxwell ask: What Would Liz Do?Barbara Ross, Edith Maxwell, Liz MugaveroThings turn serious in a discussion with Liz!Barbara Ross, Edith Maxwell, Liz MugaveroLiz hangs out with famous authors!

Liz Mugavero and Hank Phillippi Ryan
Liz and Hank Phillippia Ryan
Sara J. Henry and Louise Penny pose with Liz Mugavero!
Sara J. Henry and Louise Penny pose with Liz!
Liz  Mugavero and Toni L. P. Kelner having fun at Malice!
Liz and Toni L. P. Kelner having fun at Malice!

After the banquet a drink at the bar with Barb, Edith and Jessie!Barbara Ross, Edith Maxwell, Jessie Crockett

After a long day at Malice Liz needs her beauty rest.Author Liz Mugavero

Refreshed after a good nights sleep Liz visits with Wicked Adjunct Author Sheila Connolly.Sheila Connolly and Liz Mugavero

We’ve assured Liz that despite a flat affect and flat hair, she had a marvelous time at Malice.

Where would you like to go? Bouchercon? The New England Crime Bake? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll take one lucky winner with us.

Liz: I am still laughing about this. Hysterically. And honored to have such wonderful friends. I was planning to go next year, but I wonder if I’d have as much fun as “Flat Liz” did? What do you think?

Edith: We missed Full Liz, but greatly enjoyed taking her around with us on a stick, and Sherry and I didn’t mind sharing our hotel room with her at all!

Julie: I loved having Flat Liz with us. I am a little troubled that she met more authors than I did (Louise Penny!), but I can work on that for next time. Excellent Addition to the weekend!

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  1. I admit, I was confused at first. I thought you were inferring that Liz rode a broom to Malice! Quite a trick, so I thought, and one I wouldn’t mind learning! I haven’t been able to attend a conference in several years — the last one was West Coast Crime in Denver — and I always loved the energy, the panels and, most of all, the people. What a fabulous group mystery writers and fan are! I’m putting my bid in to go to a conference on a stick (even if it isn’t a broom). ANY conference! Bouchercon, New England Crime Bake (sorry I missed Malice), any conference at all. I’m game!

    1. I agree, Gigi. I always read about conferences on the West Coast that I’d love to attend. I’m hoping to go to Left Coast in Monterey next year!

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