Wicked Good Beach Reads

Since we love to rcabana beach chairead at least as much as we love to write, the Wickeds have put together a list of beach reads to be shared once a week for the rest of the summer. Here are this week’s recommendations:

 Julie: The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott

Sherry: Elusive by Sara Rosett

 Liz: A Tine to Live a Tine to Die by Edith Maxwell

Jessie: Fadeaway Girl by Martha Grimes

Barb: The Cutting Season: A Novel by Attica Locke

 Edith: Grace Takes Off by Julie Hyzy

Any favorites you’d like to share?

6 Thoughts

  1. “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty. Not considered a mystery, but I found it a great puzzle book about a woman who has forgotten the last ten years of her life trying to reconstruct it from the bits and pieces she remembers and hears from others.

  2. Have read Christie Curse, Tine to live, and grace takes off from your list. Currently reading Classified by Fern Michaels and Denise Swanson’s Nickled-and-Dimed to Death. And, listening to Catherine Coulter’s Bombshell on my work commute.

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