Worldwide Wicked Links

tireOur favorite articles you may have missed!

Jessie: I was tickled by this article about the world’s largest tire manufacturer. I bet you will be surprised at who it is!

Edith: Some research I have been doing for Farmed and RoundupDangerous (and yes, that’s the title for Local Foods book three – don’t you love it?). More scary than wicked…

necklaceCALDER-570Sherry: I love yard sales and flea markets and who doesn’t hope to find a treasure that you buy for $15, wear a few times and then realize its worth $300,000!

Liz: I’ve been doing a lot of thought leadership in my new day job, and I love to research best practices and new thinking online. I came across a great blog this week and especially enjoyed this article about thought leadership facilitating conversations.

Barb: Ray Daniel posted this link to an article by Chuck Palahniuk saying it neatly summarized the ideas that recently jumped his writing to the next level. I agree it’s a great article. (Also, as one of Ray’s editors at Level Best Books, completely agree he is writing at a whole new, and exciting level.)

Julie: “25 Steps to Being A Traditionally Published Author: Lazy Bastard Edition” on the Terrible Minds blog. Great, great post.

Readers: What’s your worldwide wicked link?

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