Opening Lines

Who wouldn’t have fun at the Fun O Rama in York, Maine? We are writing the opening lines for the picture below. Join in by adding your own opening lines.

IMG_1077Edith: I never expected that the boy I met in Fun O Rama — the boy with the robot arms, the boy my cousin told me was brilliant, the boy who became a physicist — to end up not only my first husband but my first victim.

Jessie: Ninety-eight degrees the last weekend in May. On the coast of Maine. The shadowy depths of the Fun O Rama called to passersby in need of relief. Once inside they felt a chill that reached like January into their bones. Groans and soft cries filled their ears and as their eyes adjusted to the gloom they realized they wouldn’t be having any fun after all.

Sherry: I turned back and looked at my pregnant wife. I tried to yell, “It’s the sand. Don’t step on the sand.” But it was already too late.

Barb: The Fun O Rama was Full O Drama that night.

16 Thoughts

  1. I winced again as the tiny arm tried to punch its way out of my ever-swelling belly. Sometimes you can have too much fun at the Fun O Rama. I’d learned that the hard way.

  2. from Jan:

    “Why on Earth did you bring me here, Horace? You know I refuse to play video games. I don’t even have any wipes in my Vuitton.”

    “Times like these, you gotta loosen up. Live a little, Clarice.”

    “This. Is. Living. Little.”

    (thanks for the chance to play today, WCA. back to work!)

  3. A rite of passage for the summer teens of Pawtucket Island, the dark interior of the Fun o Rama beckoned to me on my 13th birthday like a mystical temple of some ancient god.

  4. Dr. Septimus Pretorius cackled with fiendish delight as his zombie-making device proved successful when local residents streamed into what they thought was a carnival fun house.

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