The Boston Book Festival

I love Boston for a lot of reasons–the people, the culture, the theater community, the sense of humor, the Red Sox, the food, the walkability, the architecture. The list is a long one, and goes on. But here’s one example of why this is such a great city. The Boston Book Festival.

Other cities have book festivals, sure. But is the vibe the same? Events planned for several days. Vendor booths that range between writers’ groups (like Sisters in Crime New England), ArtsBoston, schools, book stores, and radio stations. All sorts of events scheduled throughout the city.

My worlds collide at the Boston Book Festival. This year, four fringe theater companies are doing pop up performances of literature (Fringe Lit). All four of the companies (New Exhibition Room, Liars and Believers, Theatre on Fire, and Vagabond Theatre Group) are members of StageSource, the theater service organization I work for. I love the idea of dramatizing five minutes of well known novels, and can’t wait to see some of the performances.

And at the Sisters in Crime New England booth, you’ll be able to meet 5/6 of the Wicked Cozy Authors. Four of them (Jessie Crockett, Barbara Ross, Liz Mugavero, and Edith Maxwell) will be doing signings. Sheila Connolly will also be there, signing. I will be there to help set up, and make sure things are running smoothly.

So who will I see on October 19 in Copley Square as Boston celebrates the literary life like some cities celebrate rock concerts?

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  1. It’ll be great to see you there, ladies. I think I’m helping staff the booth, just don’t have a time slot yet. I so loved last year’s festival and it was where I “met” the New England chapter of SinC!

    1. Claire, does one time of day work better than another for you? Suspect we will need set up help. And I love that this is how you met us! See you next week!

  2. Would like to be there but cannot. A fair part of my life centered around the green in Copley Square. The high school I finally graduated from a few blocks over. Dramatic readings in basement coffee houses. Afternoon dates with boys from school. Library. Jazz in basement coffee houses. Ice sculptures. Political speeches. Comedy in basement coffee houses. Nearby Theatre Company of Boston and my first real theatre job. My father acted there and at The Charles. Poetry in basement coffee houses. Watching the runners come in… But that great library. More books and space to read them in than I could use or figure out. Hidden art treasures upstairs where students from the Museum School would copy Rembrandt drawings. Everyone else park your pencils at the door. Time to park my digital pencil. Who would have thought of that back then. And go to bed. Good night.

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