Opening Lines – In the City

Today we are writing the opening lines for the picture below.


Julie: He held on to her hand, squeezing it when she started to race forward. They walked to the waiting SUV, slowly closing the gap between themselves and financial freedom. The bag of hard drives would be exchanged for a bag of money, and then they would be on their way.

Barb: He held her wrist so hard, she was afraid the bone would break. “Walk naturally, don’t make eye contact, don’t scream,” he said. She tried as hard as she could, but her knees threatened to buckle beneath her.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To meet your mother.”

Jessie: He kept telling her he was sure they parked on the next street. They wandered around for so long she blistered her foot. She should have suspected the blister would be the least of her problems when he uncharacteristically offered to carry her purse. Later, the cops would say it was a mugging gone bad.

Edith: The sunshine slapped her in the face. She and “Uncle” Jim approached the morgue. Why should the weather be so nice on the day she had to identify her murdered sister? And would he let go of her long enough so she could tell the cop that Jim was the killer?

Sherry: Even though she couldn’t see it, Jennifer felt the comforting presence of the orb.

Liz: It was the longest block she’d ever walked. With every step, she feared he would read her mind and realize she was leading him to his death.

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  1. No one would have suspected that they were anything other than a typical urban couple out for a stroll, perhaps heading to their regular coffee shop for a morning latte or running those necessary Saturday errands before letting loose and enjoying the weekend. No one would have suspected that what he carried in his right hand had the potential to change thousands of lives, to devastate or to empower, depending on your point of view. She was completely oblivious to the fact that, on this typical sunny Saturday morning her comfortable, familiar existence was about to be obliterated.

  2. Nothing. Bob said absolutely nothing after she confessed to the year-long affair. He just sighed heavily as he roughly grabbed her hand and led her to their parked car. This was going to be a long, long night.

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