Opening Lines

We are writing opening lines for the picture below. Add yours in the Reply section!


Barb: She walked ten feet and did a double-take. She had never seen a statue so realistic.

Jessie: Competition was stiff for the role of Snow White in the school play but Anna felt confident that she had an edge.

Sherry: It all started with a little peck on the cheek.

Edith: Thank God for the birds. It took her attention away from the graves I’d just finished filling behind her.

Liz: Everyone around them was captivated by the performance, but Josie thought it looked like a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds – something that could end very badly.

Julie: It worked! Months of training and she was ready to pay back that two-timing, conniving, ornithophobic SOB ex-husband of hers.

12 Thoughts

  1. She’d fed the birds every day for a month, a perfect cover. She finally sighted him sitting on a bench in the park, oblivious to his impending arrest. She gave the signal.

  2. At last, she has reached Parc du Bois. The crisp spring air makes her giggle. Even the birds can smell her happiness. They are determined to kiss her face. His kiss. Will it be worth the long wait?

  3. He snapped a photo to capture her uninhibited joy before here dream converted to a nightmare then he settled in to watch the performance of his little friends.

    (I blame PD James for this week’s macabre streak…)

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