Live From Crime Bake!

All the Wickeds are (or will be soon) here in beautiful Dedham, Massachusetts, at the New England Crime Bake. It’s our home conference – in fact, Barb is co-chair again this year and Julie is also on the conference committee – that Sisters in Crime New England cosponsors with the New England chapter of Mystery Writers of America. We’ll give you a report on Monday, but thought we’d offer a few snippets and pix as the day goes on today.

All of us except Sherry are also either on a panel or moderating one, plus we’ll see the release of the Stone Cold anthology, in which Edith and Barb have stories and of which Barb is one of the editors. And Julie organized the banquet this year, with the theme of Trouble in Paradise! So it’s a full, fun, informative weekend.

Barb: Arrived Thursday night to find Sherry in the bar with the estimable Kim Gray surrounded by a group of people.  Returned from dinner to find them–still in the bar, surrounded by a different group. Just sayin’.

CrimeBake2013Edith: I’m still home packing at 9:30 on Friday morning. Boots. Kindle. Shawl. Bathroom kit. Dainties. Outfits. Banquet costume. All check. Don’t panic, the wine is in another bag, ladies! Books are in the car already. Bookmarks, business cards, camera, panel questions. Most of all my smile of excitement!

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  1. Well, I’ve dragged the suitcase down from the attic, done my laundry, and I have a costume for the banquet. What more could I need? See y’all soon!

  2. The car is loaded and I will be heading south in 2 hours. I am bringing a newbie with me. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

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