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The Wickeds are thrilled to have Lucy Burdette, author of the Key West Food Critic Mysteries, as our guest today. In advance of her latest book, Murder With Ganache, Lucy’s talking about the world inside a cozy mystery and why it’s so appealing to readers. 


When I had my first mystery published back in 2002 (Six Strokes Under, written as Roberta Isleib), cozies were doing fine, but certainly not threatening to clog the bestseller list. In fact, they were considered a little passe–and I often told folks who asked that my books should be considered “soft-boiled” rather than cozy. But now times have changed–cozies hit the New York Times list more weeks than not, and tons of new series are getting launched. Why the change?

I have a theory. The world is a scary place lately—really scary. The Middle East countries are a terrifying morass of unrest. We are even at odds with our less “foreign” neighbors, the Europeans. In our own country, people find themselves in danger in movie theaters, schools, churches, and sporting events. Is it any wonder that readers want to get away to a simpler place and time, where the bad guys get what’s coming? Period?

Of course, there are murders in cozy mysteries. But the damage is contained and the bad guys are punished and order is restored by intrepid amateur sleuths who help the law enforcement guys see what was right in front of them. And while all that is happening, readers are introduced to life in a small town and they get to meet the sleuth’s friends and neighbors along the way.

Try it for yourself: the next time your stomach turns when you’re partway through a newspaper or the evening news, pick up a cozy. In the Key West food critic mysteries, I promise you no uncertain outcomes. And the food is divine. And you might just fall in love with funky, foodie Key West and Hayley Snow, the way I have. Which oh, by the way, is another way to keep your mind off current events—sign on to write a series of cozies! I swear you’ll start to think that new kinder world you’ve created is real….

Lucy Burdette’s fourth food critic mystery, MURDER WITH GANACHE,  will be published by NAL/Obsidian in February.You can preorder it here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/murder-with-ganache-lucy-burdette/1116096227?ean=9780451465894

meKWRead more about her food critic mysteries at her website (www.lucyburdette.com), or “like” her on facebook (www.facebook.com/lucyburdette), or follow her on Twitter (www.twitter.com/lucyburdette) and Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/lucyburdette.) She also blogs with the fine writers at Jungle Red Writers (www.jungleredwriters.com) and Mystery Lovers Kitchen (www.mysteryloverskitchen.com).

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  1. I think your theory is right on target. The world is indeed a scary place these days, and reading cozies gives one a sense of control again. So looking forward to Ganache!

  2. I think you’re quite right, Lucy. I remember hearing that movies were very popular during World War II because people wanted to get away from the stress for a while. I think the intimate setting makes a difference, too. Our lives are so hectic that it’s nice to visit a place where life is a little bit slower.

    1. I agree, Krista. I approach both writing and reading cozies a bit like they are fantasy. Which doesn’t mean they can’t have meaning or an edge, but does mean people read them when they want to “go somewhere else” fo awhile.

  3. That’s an interesting take on the cozy, Lucy. With so many things beyond our control these days, readers of both genders seem to be drawn to the amateur sleuth who uses her/his wits to get out of a seemingly impossible situation to solve the crime. I know your readers are going to love MURDER WITH GANACHE.

  4. I agree, Lucy. Cozies are a great escape from reality. Likable sleuths, a puzzling crime to solve, fun secondary characters, often a dash of romance…I’m in (all in)!

  5. I can’t wait to read the next in your series, Lucy! One of my friends said it best after reading An Appetite for Murder. She said she felt like she was really in Key West even though she’d never been there. Ditto here!

  6. Lucy! Good to see you here. Totally agree with you about cozies. They have helped me ever since I discovered them… thank you thank you thank you.

  7. Excellent blog! I think you’re absolutely right. Cozies will always be popular, it’s good to know that good will prevail (if only between the pages of a book ).

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