Opening Lines: (Not a Holiday Theme!)

If you’d like a break from holiday craziness, or if your holiday isn’t even the current one, or for whatever reason – take a crack at writing an opening line for this picture. Of course, you can make it Christmasey if you’d like.


Barb: Katrina was peeved to discover that once again the hotel maid had failed to tidy up.

Edith: I was sure I’d stashed that hand somewhere safe. But when I saw my alien friend’s logo painted on the carpet, I knew I was in big trouble.

Jessie: Monica knew their marriage had taken a turn for the worse when Howard began sleeping under the bed.

Sherry: When Tiffany saw the hand she fainted, cracked her head on the corner of the dresser, and blood spurted everywhere. She said she was okay with Roy being a mortician. As he stuffed her in his trunk, after cleaning the floor as best he could, Roy realized they didn’t have the same sense of humor. Fate saved him once again.

Liz: If you’re gonna kill a man, at least do a decent job hiding the body.

Julie: She’d asked for a helping hand in cleaning up the blood stain, but this was ridiculous. She obviously needed to be clearer with the genie when she used her final wish.

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28 Thoughts

  1. The hand’s rigor mortis confirmed her prognostication that his life line was short; of course, he had never believed a thing she said.

  2. Four hundred thirty-five rooms to clean before two in the afternoon, and Maisie, the only member of the housekeeping staff to brave the blizzard, ran out of energy after the four hundred twenty-ninth and collapsed beneath the bed.

  3. Exhausted, stressed, and in need of a break from her long drive, Clementine checked into the first motel she could find on the remote highway. Disgusted with the poor housekeeping in this cheap, tawdry dive and worried about bed bugs, she opted to nap in the cleanest place she could find.

  4. When Sarah went back to the hotel room to grab her purse she got more than what she bargained for when she tripped over a hand from under the bed.

  5. She’d warned him and warned him and warned him what she might do the next time he said, “Hey, Tubby, give me a hand here.”

  6. The respect shown to the corpse by the responding officers diminished substantially when the supposed “DNA stain” was identified as eggnog.

  7. Just as she knocked on the hotel room door I realized I had not completely deflated my new friend and I had some explaining to do.

  8. Suddenly realizing the the bed bugs in the creepy hotel had morphed into large and menacing flying buggers and with great difficulty I squeezed myself as hard as I could under the 4 inch space under the bed just as the shadow of the flying corn nut swooped in for the first bite.

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