By Julie
In the winter wonderland of Boston

SN853052We’re three days into 2014. How are those resolutions doing? For many of the Wickeds, today is a snow day, and a perfect time to write. Though this being able to actually work at home takes the shine off the whole “snow day” thing.

A while back, I wrote about #JanNoWriStart. It is a riff off the #NaNoWriMo, but without the firm “rules”. Here are the ones I am using. Adapt them as necessary:

  • Set a daily goal. If you are writing a first draft, make it a word count. If you are editing, make it a number of pages, or a time limit. It needs to work for you. The important thing is, make it achievable on a daily basis.
  • Keep moving forward. If you are on a first draft, just keep writing. If you are editing, and get stuck, make a note to yourself (fix this! research this!) and then move forward. #JanNoWriStart is about building both a habit and momentum.

wordcountMy goal is 500 words a day. “They” say you can form a new habit in 21 days, so we have 10 extra days to make sure it works. I am a plotter, so I have scenes outlined. Now just to get them written.

So, who’s in? What are your goals? Let us know–we’ll be checking in every Friday this month.

Let’s start the new year right write!

And Happy New Year!

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  1. I’m in! I’ve been working on the habit since September but I took too many days off over the holidays, plus I didn’t keep up the habit on weekends. My goal is 1000 words per day. #WriteOn!

  2. I’m shooting for, no make that committing to, 700 words a day. I know that I’ll need to write more on some days as I have company coming at the end of the month. I’m so glad we are doing this because I’m in that phase where my deadline seems far away (August) and it would be easy to procrastinate. I’m also in that place where that little bit of my brain is saying: you can’t do this, so setting a daily goal is perfect.

  3. These short, attainable goals are so good for your psyche! And they do add up, and keep the story in your head every day.
    The keep moving forward–ack! It is so easy to get mired down in a scene or chapter that doesn’t work. I’ve learned to write COME BACK TO THIS in big red letters. But that certainly takes willpower.
    Good luck!

    1. Ramona, I like the commitment form you posted on Facebook, too. It’s another think I’m not very good at, a certain time, a certain place — I know I should do it but haven’t yet.

    2. Thanks Ramona. When I was writing my thesis, I used the **FIND THE QUOTE** method, so I could search for **. Looking forward to your class this month for SinCNE!

  4. This is a really fun way to do this challenge, Julie! My goal is 500 words per day, but my goal for the month is 20,000 words, so I need to have a few “big” days. I’m working on my second novel while querying the first. I’m in Switzerland and it’s nice to have some writing buddies to check in with! Thanks, Julie and Wicked Cozies!

    1. Thank you Lily! Glad you are joining this. We are only three days in, but I keep writing past my goal, so I suspect you will hit 20,000 without a problem. Keep on writing!

  5. I’m in. Like Edith, I’ve let things slide a bit during the holidays (roughly translated from the first day of Crime Bake until yesterday) and this will be great for me. I’m committing to 1000 words a day. Like Sherry, I have company the end of the month, and 8 days of the Key West Literary seminar, so I’ll have to write more on the other days.

  6. Hi Julie, I know you can do it. I thought about the November challenge, but did not enter. As it turns out, I have churned out 54,265 words since the middle of November. Too bad I didn’t read Larry Brook’s “Story Engineering” first. Thank you, Silent

    1. Thank you Silent! I am resisting the urge to read “Story Engineering” as I type this. I read a great quote–you can edit words, but not a blank page. Happy New Year!

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