JaNoWriStart — Week Two How Many Words Did You Write?

Last week we started Julie’s JanNoWriStart. Here’s the concept from Julie:

A while back, I wrote about #JanNoWriStart. It is a riff off the #NaNoWriMo, but without the firm “rules”. Here are the ones I am using. Adapt them as necessary:

  • Set a daily goal. If you are writing a first draft, make it a word count. If you are editing, make it a number of pages, or a time limit. It needs to work for you. The important thing is, make it achievable on a daily basis.
  • Keep moving forward. If you are on a first draft, just keep writing. If you are editing, and get stuck, make a note to yourself (fix this! research this!) and then move forward. #JanNoWriStart is about building both a habit and momentum.

wordcountMy goal is 500 words a day. “They” say you can form a new habit in 21 days, so we have 10 extra days to make sure it works. I am a plotter, so I have scenes outlined. Now just to get them written.

How many words did you write this week? Readers, be sure to add yours in the comments section!

Fireworks_in_San_Jose_California_2007_07_04_by_Ian_Kluft_img_9618Barb: Argh! I didn’t keep count exactly, but I know it was well over 1200+ a day. Thanks, Julie for the kickstart for the new year. It felt great to get back in the habit after the disruption of the holidays. This week will be more challenging because I’ll be at the Key West Literary Seminar Friday-Sunday, but I’ll do my best.

i-And-Streamers-At-A-PartyEdith: My goal is at least 1000 per day. I had a couple of low word-count days, but wrote every day, regardless. I made up for them, because I’m at 8046 new words for the week. I finished the first draft of FARMED AND DANGEROUS and started writing a brand new book. Yes, thanks, Julie, for the push!

fireworks-wallpapers-fireworks-the-free-winter-photoJessie: Julie, you’ve got us off to a great start in the new year! I’ve exceeded my word count each day this week except one. And even then I got some writing done so I am well pleased with my efforts. Thanks for thinking this up!

Sad-dog-faceSherry: Yep, I’m going to be that person. I didn’t write every day. I looked at it every day but some days I just sat there staring. I’ve written 1450 over the past two days and know owning up every week will keep me going. Julie this is such a great idea.

Gold-StarLiz: I love a challenge – although I get fixated on what I “should” be doing “more” of. With that in mind, I wrote every day this week, even if it wasn’t a knock-your-socks-off word count, and even managed to finish a draft of Tuffy’s story for the Rescue Me anthology due out later this year. I’m working on taking it one day at a time – and making sure writing is a part of each day.

celebration_salute2Julie: I have written every day, and forced myself to keep moving forward. I have written almost 5000 words this week. Hoping to add more this weekend.