Opening Lines

Write an opening line for this picture:


Julie: She had to get around the white van if she was going to keep tailing the taupe station wagon, but she didn’t want to stand out. And then she remembered, she was from Boston. So she hit the gas, and got ready to cut off Mr. Van. He wasn’t going to get away this time.

Jessie: Tunnels, she hated tunnels. The steering wheel grew slick under her palms as her breathing became rapid and shallow. If only there were another fast way out of the city.

Barb: Gloria caught the sight of the state trooper behind her, light bar ablaze, and stomped on the gas. She wondered, as another squad car joined the chase, could this really all be because her EZ Pass transponder had fallen off the windshield just before she pulled through the toll? It seemed a little excessive. Whatever the problem, she wasn’t going to hang around to find out.

Sherry: When Katy took the job they’d told her she’d be the only one following the suspects. This was more like a parade than surveillance.

Edith: The black limo. What was it about the black limo they’d told her to remember? Cloudy glimpses of the past still swirled in her brain. But as she pulled past and glimpsed Zeke’s pale face pressed against the glass, her memory cleared. She pulled the Hummer hard and to the left, forcing her son’s kidnapper onto the railing.

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  1. She didn’t like her cousin Ladisbau, but when he talked she listened. “Never drive under the Greenway. Never.”

  2. “You would think driving through the underbelly of the city would me more exciting than this,” Sarah said to herself. Instead, the only seedy activities she had seen so far on her surveillance were some sewer rats going crazy over a piece of roadkill.

  3. I recognized the quote but have to confess I was getting ready to look up the movie. I love Tommy Lee Jones too and The Fugitive is a great movie.

  4. She drove very carefully. All those big cars on the road; she was in her trusty but tiny Mini Cooper.
    Besides she knew what was waiting for her at home.

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