Presidents Day — If the Wickeds Were President

By Sherry Harris

Surrounded by snow in Northern Virginia

Happy Presidents Day. I decided to take this opportunity to think about what the country would be like if the Wickeds and their characters were combined into one person to serve as President.


clambake1.  Morrow Island will become the Camp David of the North and open to the public when President Barbia isn’t there. (Does Barbia sound like the name Mattel would make up for a president?)
2.  State dinners will be clambakes complete with heads of states wearing bibs with lobsters on them. Amid the claw cracking and dripping butter they will realize their differences are few and we will have world peace.


gardens21.  President Camerith (sounds like the name of a fair maiden) will make sure everyone has access to locally grown, sustainable, organic food.
2.  We will all have gardens from tiny ones on windowsills to backyard beauties to entire urban parks transformed into organic farms (the Canadians are way ahead of us in this regard). People will live longer and world hunger will be eradicated.


maple_syrup1.  Maple syrup on every table. President Jessni (sounds like a teen Disney star) will share maple syrup recipes with their antioxidant properties.
2.  She’ll make sure we drink plenty of water, set goals, and have us tapping to relieve stress. Everyone will be so healthy the World Health Organization will have little to do.

clocktowers1.  President Rulie (a good name for a monarch?) will want every town to have a beautiful clock tower and a local playhouse.
2.  President Rulie will teach us all to accessorize. Arts will be required at every school. The world will become more beautiful and tolerant.

dogsandcats_1109096582_n1.  President Lizstan (Lizstan sounds like a country) will make sure our pets will have good organic food to eat.
2.  There will be no more animal kill shelters. Dogs and cats will be loved and placed in forever homes. Feral animals will be neutered and live in safe colonies. Respect and love for animals will spread to people around the world.


yard-sale-day21.  President Sherah (sounds like a blend of wines) will make sure garage and tag sales are held in every community.
2.  She will teach people to barter and will require all dumps and landfills to have thrift shops to sell things that shouldn’t have been thrown away (Monterey, California has one and it has amazing stuff). She is sure somehow, this will make the world a better place.

18 Thoughts

  1. I would vote for any of you! Just don’t all run the same year, because I can’t choose.

    Sherry, your tag sale comment reminds me of an event here. A local charity picks up and sells stuff the college students leave behind when they leave for summer. There’s a big sale under a big tent, and then there are a few days of “free.” It’s very popular.

  2. I think all of you should blend together and be Pres. Our recycling center has a swap shed for stuff to good to be thrown away. (Unlike “String to Short To Be Saved”)

  3. I was at a B&B on Nantucket once and the owner kept pointing out pieces of furniture around the place that he said he had picked up at the gift shop and then refinished or painted or whatever. Turns out the gift shop is the dump and they have a building devoted to swap items. Loved that.

    But can I just say that I agree with Gram, wouldn’t that be a great world if some super mashup of us six and our six characters could be president?!

  4. I think the world would be a better place with you ladies in charge. And think of the cool election year bumper stickers: VOTE WICKED!
    Sharina (sounds like a Russian ice dancer – I’ll take that!)

  5. President Jessni definitely has my vote. Maybe then, we’ll stop seeing that fake junk sold in the stores in favor of the goodness that is real maple syrup.

  6. Love this post. Having just seen season 2 of House of Cards, though, I see sinister undercurrents everywhere. Which could also be fun.

    And the dump on the Cape has “Dorothy’s House”, where you bring stuff too good to throw away, but that you don’t want. It is a swap meet. We got a dollhouse there, that we returned this past summer for another family to enjoy.

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