High Point of the Week

As the doldrums of February try to close in around us we’ve decided to beat them back by focusing on the positive. Each week this month we will post the high point of our week on Fridays and we hope you’ll chime in too.

So readers, what made you smile this week?

Barb: So for my high point of the week–Thursday night Bill and I went out to dinner and then to see the concert tour show for the Sing Off. The Sing Off is this short season show on NBC where a cappella groups compete against one another to win. I’ve never seen a single episode of American Idol or The Voice, but I love a cappella music and this goofy little show.

sing off 3The concert turned out to be great. They’re at the beginning of their tour, so I recommend seeing it if it comes to your city.

Liz: It started off as a sad week with the passing of my great aunt. She was an awesome lady who was like another grandmother to me. I ventured home – first time in a long time – for the funeral, and despite the sorrow of the occasion, I reconnected with my cousins and aunts and uncles and some old friends, and it felt really good.

Jessie: My high point this week was putting the final touches on a new office. My husband and kids were so generous with all the help they gave and I just love the new space!

montereySherry: I’m attending Left Coast Crime for the first time and was asked to be on a panel! My first ever! It’s Deadly New Voices and am looking forward to getting to know the other first time authors on the panel. Also it is in beautiful Monterey, California — we were stationed there for sixteen month in the late 90s.

Julie: My high point was the first New England Crime Bake Committee meeting. I am co-chair this year, so lot’s to do. But a great group of people, so it should be a great process.

IMG_3270Edith: Jessie, we want pictures! My high point was also office related: finally having shelves installed in my office closet. Does that sound too mundane? It has been a low-priority item in our home renovation – I mean, wouldn’t you want a working kitchen before an organized office? But when Hugh said he could take a day to build and paint and install shelves in my little closet, where previously I had dumped the guest bedding, the sewing supplies, my cloth bank, and more, I said, “Yes please!”

So now it’s all tidy, I can close doors on it, and the other bookshelves that had previously housed the office supplies and extra books now hold just books, of which I have many.

Readers: Tell us your high point in this penultimate week of February!

5 Thoughts

  1. Barb – I love The Sing-Off for the same reasons you do, and it’s the only singing show I watch. I wish I could go to the concert when it hits LA, but money is about to be a huge factor for me.

    Liz, I’m glad you could find the bright spot in a sad time.

    Me? I got to have dinner with my brother and his family last night. I hadn’t seen my niece (4.5) and nephew (just turned 1) since Christmas. Plus they don’t make it down my way too often. It was way too short of a visit, but it was also a break I really needed.

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