Opening Lines

Write an opening line for this picture:bootsinsnowEdith: As the day turned sharply warmer, Gwen realized she really should have stuffed her rival in a more secure location. But then again, her purse held a ticket for a flight to Rio leaving in four hours and the cabbie was leaning on the horn.

Liz: With three feet of snow on the ground and a deep freeze in the forecast, it was unlikely anyone would find the body until well into the spring, when she’d be long gone. That is, before she realized his shoes had fallen off in the snow bank during the struggle – and she was already on the highway, heading west.

Barb: “Well, I did warn you,” Connie drawled. “I told you if it snowed one more time, I was going to kill somebody.”

Sherry: Barb, that is hysterical! My line: I realized I should have listened when they said I didn’t need another shot of whiskey.

Jessie: She told him not to bother taking down the Christmas lights. But Harold never did listen to a thing she said.

Julie: The spring thaw was going to be a mess this year.

22 Thoughts

  1. The warming of the early morning sun was a welcome change after yet another winter storm, but Adeline’s pleasure turned to horror when she realized that her online shopping addiction may have had mortal consequences. The UPS truck that had delivered her latest purchases the day before was still idling in front of her house!

  2. While I enjoyed all of them, I’m laughing at Barb’s.

    My line?

    It had been easier than I expected. Just the suggestion that the snow was ripe for diving was enough to get him to take the fatal plunge all on his own. I just hadn’t expected to have to dig the body out of the snow.

  3. “Damn it, Maria, I told you we should have dug deeper. That yahoo is dead and he’s still causing us trouble.”

  4. When I saw the boots I realized I should have remembered that in school Herbie never did figure out the difference between a horizontal and vertical axis, which now explained that funny look he gave me when I slowly and distinctly gave him specific instructions on how to plant the stiff. As George Bernard Shaw is purported to have said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion of its taking place.”

    ~ Jim

  5. Try Snow Yoga, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. That’s the LAST time I do a Downward Facing Snowman.

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