Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the picture below.

IMG_3804Sherry: It was my first day on the job as a private investigator. I tried to be subtle when I snapped the picture but he spotted me.

Liz: I thought I had chosen the best spot around to meet with my hitman-to-be – seedy, private, not many “normal” people around. Boy, was I wrong.

Julie: She had to laugh. Who knew the old cockroach in the salad trick would work so well? That would show her lying, cheating, SOB of a husband that leaving her for his hostess was not only bad for their marriage, it was bad for business. And she’d only just begun.

Jessie: Doug had finally come up with a winning business plan. After all, where better to unload a van full of day old meat products than outside a bar?

Edith: Yeah. Of course he hadda park in the tow zone, draw a bunch of attention to him and Tonio unloading all their bloodstain-removal equipment. If they notice anything inside, and I mean anything, I’m going to have to hire Pattie, my favorite bloodstain-remover remover.

Barb: What he was doing transporting 500 rolls of toilet paper across state lines, I’ll never know.

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  1. I turns out that looks can kill, at least my looks. The blond had been snapping my picture when the Buick clipped her, sent her spinning in the air, and dropped her in a heap. Curse my cleft chin!

  2. He had no idea why everyone was staring into the back of the van until he turned and saw the corpse of his ex-wife stretched out in the back.

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