Fun with a Purpose

Today begins the Wickeds’ Third Annual Writing Retreat! We are all delighted to be attending and each have some things we hope to accomplish over the weekend. All of us are enthusiastic goal setters or are trying to be and a writing retreat is perfect time to challenge ourselves and each other. So Wickeds, what do you have planned for our time together?

 Jessie: I am planning to write 10,000 new words. And I am looking forward to talking about the business of writing with all of you in the evenings.

beach house bunkhouseSherry: Just for the record I wanted to do an Opening Lines post today because I’m not good at setting goals. These women are trying to make me a goal setter — go figure. Here goes: my goals include writing some words, drinking some wine, laughing until my cheeks hurt, and climbing down from the bunk bed without breaking my neck.

Julie: Oh Sherry, I should be a good woman and say I’ll take the top bunk again, but . . .My goals are to relax (which hasn’t happened in a while), add at least 5000 words (though I have high hopes for more), sleep, nap, and celebrate being around these wicked cozy dames.

Sherry: I told you last year, I’d take it this year, Julie!



  1. Write
  2. Imbibe adult beverages
  3. Discuss book marketing
  4. Imbibe adult beverages
  5. Solve problems of publishing industry
  6. Imbibe adult beverages
  7. Solve problems of known universe


Repeat 1 through 7.


Repeat 1 through 6. Leaving in the afternoon, so any remaining problems of known universe will unfortunately have to stay unsolved.

Edith: We should make Liz take the top bunk – she’s the youngest in the group! My scarvesgoals are: 1) to write a bunch of new words on my historical, or maybe plot out the fourth Local Foods mystery. And 2) to eat, talk, and drink with my best writing buds. We do have an actual agenda this time beyond writing (and drinking). It includes a group photo shoot, scarf decoration and tying lessons, setting up the blog calendar, talking book marketing, and more. We might be stuffing goody bags for Malice Domestic. We might be walking on the beach. We’ll surely be exchanging tips and advice and experience six ways round.

Liz: Mine are pretty simple – finish Icing on the Corpse!

7 Thoughts

  1. I’d like to go on a retreat with Sherry, because I need to catch up on “laughing until my cheeks hurt” as Long as I don’t have to sleep in the top bunk. I’m a goal setter but promise I would never let it get in the way of cheek-hurting laughter. Hah!

  2. Sounds like a fun time. Hope you meet all your goals, especially laughing until your cheeks hurt.

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