Wicked Cozy Malice Events

The Wickeds are at Malice this weekend! Want to know where we’ll be? Here’s the Wicked Cozy schedule.


Malice 2013, with Liz on a stick.
Malice 2013, with Liz on a stick.

10:00-11:45—Malice Go Round. Jessie & Edith are a team. The rest of us will get pitched to for two hours. Haverford Baccarat

3:00-3:50—Agatha Best Contemporary nominees panel—Barb. Waterford/Lalique

5:00-5:30—Opening Ceremonies—Barb and Liz get their Agatha nominee acknowledgements. Waterford/Lalique room


7:30-9:00—SinC Breakfast

9:00-9:50 Sherry moderating panel—Diplomat/Ambassador

9:00-9:50—Barb on Agatha Short Story nominees panel—Lalique

9:00-9:50—Sheila on panel—Cabinet

10:00-10:50—Agatha Best First nominees panel—Liz. Haverford

The Wickeds with our agent John Talbot
The Wickeds with our agent John Talbot

10:00-noon—Julie working the Sisters in Crime table.

11:00 Barb & Liz signing—Atrium

2:00 Kensington Open house at Hyatt Hospitality Suite

3:00-3:50—Edith on panel—Baccarat

5:00—Edith signing. Atrium

7:00 Banquet—Chrystal Ballroom. We will live tweet the event. #Malice14


Lizandjessie72_27:00-8:45—New Authors breakfast. Liz introduced. Haverford/Baccarat

9:00-9:50—Jessie on panel. Waterford.

11:00—Jessie signing. Atrium

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  1. Have a great time, see lots of friends and make a few new ones. Say hi to lots of readers!

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