Opening Lines

Hello Readers! Opening lines time-write your opening lines for the following picture.

Photograph by Howard A. Phillips. Used with permission.
Photograph by Howard A. Phillips. Used with permission.

Jessie: Every spring Vera asked herself how much she really wanted to pull her bicycle from the basement storage area. After all, no matter how many years had passed since George’s tragic and fortuitous accident, his ghost made a point to lie in wait for her at the base of the stairs.

Julie: The trick was going to be getting up the fire escape without Mrs. Violet seeing my shadow. In a half hour, it wouldn’t be an issue. But I didn’t have a half hour. I needed to get up to the apartment before someone called the police.

Edith: Every day just about now Merinda floats up those stairs like she owns them. She sure looks real for somebody who died seventeen years ago.

Barb: Virginia crouched on the basement stairs, the cement cool through her white underpants. If Georgie couldn’t find her, he couldn’t hurt her.

Liz: The last thing I wanted to do was go into that house, but I had no choice.

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  1. The gas meter ticked out of step and loud. Pecking at Francis’ eardrums. He sat staring at the wall glaring with the overbearing New Orleans sun, burning the image of her face into the back of his retinas like a pinhole camera exposed by dint of hell fire.

  2. Five hundred years ago the blast embalmed an image of the building’s fire escape upon the brick. Centuries of acid rain and scouring winds could not remove the vivid reminder. Danny picked up his hand – somehow it had fallen off again while he had stared at the wall – and shuffled off, looking for a way up; a way out.

  3. The hotel guests from America frustrated her. She preferred Europeans, like the last one, a Dutchman who weighed under 200 pounds. She appreciated his devotion to fitness. Rolling his sleek body down the stairs into the basement had presented little difficulty.

  4. I was safe in the shadows. Unfortunately, soon the light would hit my hiding spot. Somehow, I had to get up those stairs without being seen. The problem was, they had eyes everywhere.

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