Wicked Wednesday – Why We Can’t Wait to Read the Next Museum Mystery

On Wicked Wednesdays, we all weigh in on a subject. This week we are celebrating the razing-dead-200launch of Razing the Dead, the latest of Sheila Connolly’s Museum Mysteries, out this week. And today we’re talking about what we love best about these books by one of our favorite authors – and people!

Liz: I love Sheila’s ability to weave culture, community, the past, present and a good mystery together. She’s a master of the craft and I can’t wait to see what trouble Nell and her FBI “partner” get into this time.

Jessie: I love the location of this series and the behind the scenes look into the world of museums. You always learn something interesting when you read Sheila’s books.

Barb: Since I once lived outside of and then went to college in Philadelphia, I love the setting of the Museum Mysteries, too. But what really draws me to them is the character of protagonist Nell Pratt. She’s got a serious career that’s more than a job, and I find that’s rare in cozies where people tend to be small business entrepreneurs, often with failed or disrupted careers behind them. I love watching Nell solve these mysteries, while balancing her work life (and her love life).

Philadelphia Friends worshipping, circa 1900
Philadelphia Friends worshipping, circa 1900

Edith: Sheila consulted me in advance about Quakers and the Testimony of Peace. I can’t wait to see where those inquiries ended up in her story. Philadelphia, of course, was founded by Friend William Penn, and it’s still the locus of American Quakerism. Nell is smart, and meets her challenges capably. I love this series.

Julie: As someone who works in the arts, and knows a few fundraisers, I love the conceit of this series. Sheila knows this world, and it shows. Very fun to have that POV on a protagonist.

Sherry: When I read a book by Sheila, I’m immersed in a whole new world and one I want to stay in. Her characters seem so real and I’d love to have Nell for a friend.

Readers: What do you like about this series? Any questions for wicked cozy Sheila?

Philadelphia Friends worshipping, circa 1900

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  1. Just finished Razing the Dead. Loved it as I do all of Sheila’s books. I find myself emotionally involved with her characters because of the way they often touch my life and thinking. She is the ultimate story teller.

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