You Don’t Need a Sweet Tooth to Love Sugar Grove

On Wicked Wednesdays, we all chime in on a topic. This week, we’re celebrating the release of Jessie Crockett’s second Sugar Grove Mystery, Maple Mayhem. So Wickeds, and readers, what do you love most about this series (besides the maple syrup, maple candy and all the other sweets)?


Liz: I just love Dani’s voice. She’s a fun, fearless heroine who has such an interesting take on her small town and its quirky happenings. The setting is fabulous too – the small town-ness oozes out on every page, just like the yummy maple syrup.

Barb: I love the way, in Drizzled with Death, Jessie told us so much about the Greene family, but kept so much back. Why do three generations live in the same house? Why are they all named after shades of green–and what shade does Dani’s name represent. (Is it incredibly obvious? Am I just being dense about I?)

Sherry: I haven’t figured out her name either, Barb. Dani Greene is short and Jessie turns that lack of height into a very funny part of the book. I always love some romance with my mysteries and Dani’s love life is a mess. I wonder if it will go more smoothly in Maple Mayhem but I’m guessing it won’t.

Julie: There is a lot to love with this series. First of all, as the other Wickeds mentioned, Dani is a wonderful protagonist. Second, there is a real sense of place, and family, that I love. And third? Jessie always surprises me. In Drizzled with Death, I still remember the animals, and laugh. Where did she even come up with that? I can’t wait to see what Maple Mayhem has in store for me.

Edith: Agree with all of the above! It must be said that Dani and Jessie have a lot in common, in their funny fearlessness, energy for life, and devotion to family. I can’t wait to see what trouble Jessie has put her alter ego in this time.

Readers: What’s your favorite part of Sugar Grove and its residents? Got a question for the author?

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  2. Loved Drizzled with Death and have ordered Maple Mayhem so that I can continue my adventure with Dani and her family. I wonder how much of Dani’s family reflects Jessie’s own family, or perhaps her in-laws? ;o)

    1. Erlyne, I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed Drizzled and wish to know how things continue to unfold for Dani. My family isn’t quite as crazy as Dani’s but they are at least as much fun to spend time with, at least I think so.

  3. I know you said besides Maple Syrup, but honestly, when I saw a cozy with that theme, i knew I had to buy it and read it. I love real maple syrup so much! And I found it before I found your blog, too.

  4. I am enjoying the Dani character for a very simple reason- people underestimate her. I like the way she’s built that business into something substantial, she always has ideas and that’s how I envision a small business owner to think. She knows she’s more competent than most people give her credit for (her sister is full of hooey if you ask me). Using that to her advantage keeps me interested in how she’s going to resolve whatever problem might arise, like, murder and mayhem. Because I’m a “reader” and not actually someone in the book, I know what’s really going on with her, and I find her a character that’s easy to respect. That matters to me.

  5. Love Dani! Can’t wait to read Maple Mayhem. Actually, I pre-ordered it, I think.

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