Opening Lines

Write an opening line for the photo below.

IMG_3833Sherry: The former male model stared at the store his photographs used to appear in. He kept the boxers as a reminderof his six-pack abs and steely stare — his glory days that he planned to reclaim in the next fifteen seconds.

Edith: The taxi dumped me off in front of a sidewalk band and sped away. But when I realized everyone’s faces were blank masks, a creepy feeling told me I’d either arrived on a different planet or in a city full of bank robbers wearing stockings over their faces.

Jessie: Marco was  surprised and delighted by the turnout for his open air concert. He was so busy imaging himself on a thirty-city tour he never noticed the assembled group was really there watching the police and fire departments trying to talk a jumper down off the roof of a nearby department store.

Barb: I didn’t mind the street musicians. It was the mimes that moved me to murder.

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  1. I don’t care how flared your jeans are! A ukulele is not retro in any rock ‘n roll universe!

  2. They were getting ready to implode the building when the musicians set up in front. The musicians had signed up for their performance time at Fanueil Hall months ago and weren’t about to let anything get in their way.

    1. It’s so interesting what people see in these photos. I didn’t notice the ass (which I have to admit is certainly front and center) until you called my attention to it.

  3. Barb, you win hands down. I so want to read that story.

    I must admit I was thinking along the same lines as Anne with mine.

    The street band had just finished their first set when the building behind them exploded with an earth shattering kaboom.

      1. Exciting? Maybe. But the humor promised by your line would certainly make me want to read more.

  4. Novice designer Juan, still smarting from being turned down for Project Runway, was thrilled at the turnout for his press conference announcing his new “Straight Jacket” line of apparel. However, he noticed no one wanted to get too close.

  5. Two of my friends left lines on Facebook. I wanted to share them here:
    Paul Rogers: The power had gone out, and yet the corner room was still lit. Everybody had a theory. Nobody had proof. I knew, of course, but I was hardly going to tell. I was that sure I hadn’t been seen leaving.
    Kathy Weiss: Cut! Cut! Cut!!! Let’s ask that homeless man to move in just behind Cybil…

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