Opening Lines

Write an opening line for this picture: boat

 Edith: The fire started slowly, but as soon as it hit the gasoline I’d poured onto the water, I watched as the whole damn marina went up, and Kenny with it. Good damn riddance.

Liz: He needed a fast exit out of town, and one of these boats was it. Good thing there were plenty to choose from.

Barb: At at precisely 5:32 am, I heard a scream, and then a splash.

Sherry: I’d been wondering what the eerie white light coming from the boat was all night. This morning I headed over to find out.

Julie: They promised that she would eventually stop glowing. But here it is, day three, and she’s still a human nightlight. Next time some guy offers us Sparkle and Shine Moonshine out of the back of a van, we really need to walk away. The neighbors are starting to talk.

Jessie: Kevin should have thought twice before he drained our joint savings account to buy that sailboat. He knows darn well the trouble I have with sea sickness.

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  1. Julie, I love yours!

    Here’s mine:

    The sun rise was especially beautiful that morning. I rarely see them since normally I work at night. It always made it worth taking the job that required me to kill my target on his way to work. Why was my client so specific? I had no idea. It’s always better not to ask questions in this line of work.

  2. Anastasia stared behind me, over the bow, transfixed by her image in the water.
    “Ow!” I turned to my wife. “Stop hitting the back of my head.”
    She pointed at my computer screen. “Stop including point-of-view problems in this damn boat story.”

  3. Julie, if your book is half as funny as your post above, I’m buying it!

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