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Hey everyone, Liz here with some happy news to share with you all. I’m delighted to announce that my Pawsitively Organic Mystery Series, featuring Stan, Nutty, Scruffy and their friends in Frog Ledge, was extended for three more books!

Kneading to DieThe series began with Kneading to Die, when Stan’s corporate life ended in a haze of scandal and she moved to tiny Frog Ledge to lay low for a while. Instead she found a potential romance, a new career, and a dead body. When I started this series, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew it sounded like great fun to write about gourmet pet food and animals. The worries ran through my head daily: Would anyone buy it? If they did buy it, would they like it? Would the dog and cat treats be a bust?

I certainly didn’t expect an Agatha nomination, but thanks to all the amazing readers out there, Kneading was nominated for Best First Novel. I was over the moon. A Biscuit, A casket.indd

The second book, A Biscuit, A Casket, came out earlier this year and it’s been such fun to reconnect with readers and hear their thoughts on Stan’s evolution and her new adventures in Frog Ledge. It’s also been lots of fun to spend more time with her new friends in town and get to know them – and see where her romance with Jake may be headed!

I’m looking forward to next April, when the third installment, The Icing on the Corpse, will be released (but it’s already available for preorder!). This one has dead bodies AND ghosts, and I’m excited for it to hit the shelves.

The Icing on the CorpseAnd now, I’m working on book four, which is tentatively titled Crimes of Pastry. I’m so excited that Kensington decided to continue this series, because I have so many more ideas for Stan and friends. In Crimes, we’re leaving Frog Ledge on a foodie adventure – one that, of course, ends in murder. The book will take place mostly in Newport, Rhode Island, with the potential of some mayhem in New York City along the way.

So, I’m super thrilled about this, and so thankful to my Wicked Cozies, without whom I couldn’t have done ANY of this, and for all the fabulous readers and animal lovers out there who’ve supported the books. You all rock!


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